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Valhall 2000 is a simple platformer based multiplayer Player-versus-Player LAN and Internet game. It has been designed with the idea of being fun and simple, and working everywhere. By working everywhere it is meant that it should be able to be played together by friends and enemies using either a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), an Android phone or other device, or Apple iOS device such as an iPhone, all together at the same time to make it possible for the most people to play together without planning and bringing your gaming rig.

There are multiple game modes to choose from, and players can choose to play in teams or all vs all. For pvp maps there is Deathmatch and Last man standing. For Zombie Survival type maps the players play in one team together, and in Race type maps it's all vs all!

There are global high score tables currently supported on iOS and Desktop (via Steam).

Creating custom maps

Additionally, the game provides players with the functionality of creating and sharing maps easily by using the open standard of the Tiled Map editor. Maps created using the editor can easily be imported by following the detailed in-game guidelines - which basically just say place the new map inside the Download folder. Once a map has been loaded into the game, it can easily be shared with other players simply by hosting a game using the map, and letting others connect to it.

If you want to start making maps, look inside the game directory and copy one of the map folders you like, and start editing with Tiled. Follow the link below to get the editor.

Get the Tiled Map Editor

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Also find the game manually on Steam, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

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